DTNS 2152 – Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comTony Fadell promises Nest won’t spy and Amazon wants to read your mind. Just a few quick headlines as it’s a holiday in the US.



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Show Notes

Google removes two Chrome extensions amid ad uproar (WJS Digits)

Nest CEO promises transparency

Fon partners with Qualcomm and Facebook 

HP brings back Window 7

News From You:  

Habichuelacondule submitted a Time Magazine report:  Amazon wants to send you stuff before you decide to buy it

loug28 sends in a Business Insider report about the first images of the mysterious web that connects all galaxies.   (Wait. An energy field? That surrounds us and penetrates us? Binding the galaxy together? Where have I heard about this before?)