DTNS 2253 – Ninten-do enough?

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comRaj Deut is on the show from E3. Did Sony keep the lead in Mindshare? Is there any hope for Nintendo? Plus a wearable SIM card that can authenticate any device.


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Show Notes

Today’s guests:  Raj Deut, of Reckoner Australia and 1,000 Words On


And the games keep on comin’: Nintendo held a virtual E3 announcement again this year, streamed over the Internet. The main star was “Super Smash Brothers for” Wii U and 3DS, that lets you put yourself, or at least your Mii avatar, into the game. It also will work with 10 new Nintendo toys that connect with the Wii U through NFC on the touchscreen controller. Nintendo showed off several more games including an open world “Zelda” and a “Mario Maker” tool that lets you design your own Super Mario levels, both coming in 2015. Also coming next year is a new property called “Splatoon,” a family-friendly FPS that uses paint balls and lets participants swim through the paint. After the stream, Shigeru Miyamoto was showing off a prototype for a new Starfox game in development.

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