DTNS 2372 – Blood eSport

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comNicole Spag is on the show. We’ll explain what we know about the Regin spyware and how video game blood can help the Red Cross.


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Show Notes

Today’s guest: Nicole Spagnuolo, podcaster, Ladies of Leet, Nerd Parents


Symantec released a whitepaper report detailing a sophisticated piece of spyware called Regin that was active from 2008-2011 and reappeared in 2013. Regin is a platform of unknown origin and not even all its pieces have been discovered. Its infection method is a mystery although one instance of using Yahoo Instant Messenger as a vector was documented. It allows for customization based on the targets and can employe Remote Access Trojans, keyloggers, screenshots and basically every bad thing you can think of. It has mostly been discovered in Russia and Saudi Arabia and mostly targets individuals, small businesses and telecoms. Kaspersky also released their findings on Regin including evidence that it may have been responsible for the attack on researcher Jean-Jacque Quisquater.

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