DTNS 2379 – Yesterday’s DRM

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comAlex Hana joins us today and we’ll talk about Uber’s huge funding round and why they want to expand into the rest of the world.


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Show Notes
Today’s guest: Alex Hanna, web developer and host of the Diamond Dialogue


The Wall Street Journal reports attorneys for consumers told a jury Wednesday that Apple deleted music from some users iPods between 2007-2009. The case revolves around music that emulated Apple’s fairplay DRM. The lawyers claim when music from those competing services was synced to an iTunes library, an error message would ask to restore factory resettings and delete the non-Apple DRM’ed music without notifying the user. Apple security director Augustin Farrugia claimed it was a legitimate security measure and hackers like DVD Jon made Apple “very paranoid.” DVD Jon is Jon Lech Johansen of Norway who reverse engineered DVD encryption, and also developed several ways around Apple’s FairPlay DRM. ALSO the Verge reports Eddy Cue testified Apple wanted to license its DRM to other companies but “couldn’t find a way to do that and have it work reliably.”

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