DTNS 2425 – Samsung Listens to Its Customers

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comBrian Brushwood joins the show to talk about Samsung’s SmartTV that listens to everything you say and reports back to headquarters. Is that really what’s going on? is it worse than the Xbox or Amazon Echo?


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Show Notes

Today’s guest: Brian Brushwood


The Verge has a story on US Senator Ed Markey’s report on 16 different automakers security policies. The report found nearly 100% of cars on the market are vulnerable attacks through WiFi or Bluetooth “Only two automobile manufacturers were able to describe any capabilities to diagnose or meaningfully respond to an infiltration in real-time.” The report also called Security measures to prevent remote access to vehicle electronics, “inconsistent and haphazard.” The issue of privacy was also raised about the use and collection of driving data. Notably, Tesla did not participate in the survey.

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