DTNS 2429 – Who Archives the Archivers?

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comJustin Young is here to help us avoid losing our entire generation’s history in a digital black hole. But who can save us? Vint Cerf? Archive.org? Some people at Carnegie Mellon? We will tell you. And Len Peralta will draw it.


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Show Notes

Today’s guests: Justin Robert Young and Len Peralta

Check out Len’s amazing artprov of the week “Ye Olde Digital Dark Ages”



USA Today reports that the View-Master stereoscopic photo viewer is going digital. The old View-Master was a red plastic viewer that you held up to your face and viewed cardboard “reels” with small color slides in simulated 3-D. Mattel has teamed up with Google to make a new virtual reality View-Master based on Google’s Cardboard VR form factor. Instead of sliding in a cardboard reel, you slide in an Android smartphone. New reels are placed in front of the viewer to add augmented reality 3D interfaces to the experience you get from the Mattel app, though you don’t NEED the reels. The new viewer will cost $29.99 and include a sample reel. Additional three-pack reels will cost $14.99. Coming this autumn.

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