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Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comRoger Chang is on the show. Will Samsung make mobile payments easier for everyone, or just be the final nail in the company’s mobile coffin. Plus Len Peralta takes on the challenge of illustrating mobile payments!


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Show Notes

Today’s guest: Roger Chang, co-host of East Meets West 


Ars Technica reports that an update to Windows Defender includes a signature to detect and remove Lenovo’s superfish software and certificate from affected Lenovo computers. Defender doe not appear to clean Firefox or Thunderbird though which users will have to do manually. Ars has instructions. Lenovo users should make sure Windows Defender is running to take advantage of the update. Reuters reports the US Department of Homeland Security issued an alert about superfish through its National Cyber Awareness System. Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius told ReCode “We messed up.” He added they were talking a beating they deserved it plus “We are not just curled up in a ball,” he said. “We are taking real action to make this right with our customers.”

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