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DTNS 2143 – AT&T Slow Cooks Neutrality

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comTom chats with Jon Brodkin from Ars Technica. They’ll talk a little about CES and a lot about whether AT&T’s new ‘subsidized data’ plans break net neutrality.


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Show Notes

AT&T turns data caps into profits with new fees for content providers: AT&T does not believe it violates the FCC’s Open Internet Order (fewer wireless restrictions, not ‘faster’ service)

Intel announces ‘lots of stuff’ at CES, including the littlest wearable: A headset nicknamed Jarvis that pairs with smartphone personal assistant apps. A onesie that transmits your babies vital signs to a coffee cup. A smart watch that can be geofenced so you know when Grandpa wanders out of the house with it on. Edison a 22-nanometer dual-core PC the size of an SD card. And a dual OS platform that could switch from Windows to Android at the touch of a button.

Sony confirms it plans an Internet TV service that will deliver live TV, video on demand and cloud DVR storage to most Sony devices: The company also will launch “PlayStation Now” in closed beta at the end of January followed by a full launch this summer. The Gaikai-powered service will allow users to stream games from a Playstation to a PS4 or Vita. Sony also showed off the HMZ-T3Q, a head-mounted virtual display similar to the Oculus Rift.

This is how you will look wearing it:

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.31.23 AM


Biz Stone brings the Jelly:  If you’re tired of Yahoo Answers, which seems to actually leave you less helped than when you asked it something, get ready for Jelly. Twitter founder Biz Stone announced the new Q&A service. Unlike Yahoo or even Quora, Jelly uses your existing social networks to find people who might be willing to answer a question. And the Q&A seems more short-form than Quora. You can download the app now for iOS and Android.

News From You:

Michael Bay goes boom at CES:  clemro sent us the link to Michael Bay’s posting about his demo meltdown during the Samsung event at CES. According to Bay, he was so excited by the curved 105-inch 4K TV that he”skipped over the Exec VP’s intro line and then the teleprompter got lost. Then the prompter went up and down – then I walked off. I guess live shows aren’t my thing.” It happens, man. Go explode something. You’ll feel better.

John Legere ejected from AT&T party: DownClimb submitted the Geekwire report on T-Mobile CEO John Legere getting ejected from the AT&T party at CES. CNET’s Roger Cheng tweeted a picture of himself with Legere from the party and Legere was subsequently escorted out. Legere told Recode he just wanted to hear Macklemore. Go pop some tags John, you’ll feel better.

Wallet of the Future?  robstak let us know about a Verge article that might be of interest to Lamarr Wilson who was asking for just such a thing. PulseWallet is a credit card terminal and register with a built-in biometric palm reader that photographs your vein pattern— which of course you can pair with your credit card. Talk about blood money. The product was announced Tuesday and goes on sale next month.

Do time travelers tweet?  Finally, Alan emailed us a link to an Inside Science posting about astrophysicist and co-founder of the Astronomy Picture of the Day, Robert Nemiroff and graduate student Teresa Wilson of the Michigan Technological University, conducting a search for evidence of time travelers on the Internet. The pair looked for postings or references to Comet ISON or the election of Pope Francis before either time became a known entity. They didn’t find any evidence. Obviously time travelers are very careful.

More links from the show: 

CEO Brian Krzanich announced McAfee Security would from now on be called Intel Security. John McAfee who founded McAfee security but has no connection to it now, told Reuters, “I’ve been begging them to drop the brand or fix the product.”

Reuters reports China has temporarily lifted a 14-year ban on selling video game consoles:

Samsung debuted a 12.2-inch tablet at CES called the Galaxy Note Pro:

Audi debuts an Android tablet just for your Audi:

Tech sales: 2014 projections and 2013 numbers:


DTNS 2142 – The fungi at CES 2014

Logo by Mustafa Anabtawi thepolarcat.comTom chats with Lamarr Wilson about what’s happening at CES 2014 in las vegas.

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Show Notes

Pebble turning heads at CES:  TNW reports Pebble will launch an app store by the end of January. Developers should submit their apps by Jan. 9. We also got a peek at the new luxury model, Pebble Steel smart watch for $249 shipping Jan. 28 in brushed stainless or Black Matte.

Intel unveils RealSense:  Engadget reports Intel’s making a big deal about RealSense at CES. The first product with the name is a 3D camera that Intekl promises helps devices see depth much like the human eye, and can even read emotions in faces. The RealSense 3D camera will come to tablets, Ultrabooks, notebooks and all-in-ones, from the likes of Acer, ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo and NEC in the second half of this year.

Has AT&T  sparked a net neutrality war? Ars Technica reports the US carrier confirmed a plan to allow content providers to pay in order to exempt their content from a user’s data cap. As an example, Netflix could pay AT&T and any Netflix video watched on an AT&T phone wouldn’t count against the users cap. To find out more users or businesses can go to Jon Brodkin who wrote the article for Ars Technica will be on the show tomorrow.

News From You: 

BBC reports Zynga is now taking Bitcoin as a payment option.  Zynga has partnered with BitPay to allow the purchase of virtual items in some Zynga games using BitCoins. (Submitted by KAPT_Kipper)

Roku announced Sunday it has partnered with TCL and HiSense to release TV’s with Roku’s software built in starting in the autumn of 2014. (Ars Technica, submitted by WhoEver63)

Engadget has leaked the 12 partners for Valve’s Steam machine. iBuyPOwer and Digital Storm were already known, but Engadget says Alienware, Falcon Northwest, CyberPowerPC, Origin PC, Gigabyte,, Webhallen, Alternate, Next, Zotac and Scan Computer will join the party tonight. (Submitted by Splendor78)

The Verge reports on Vizio’s first consumer grade 4K TV. Called the P Series, models will be will be available between 50 and 70 inches and priced “aggressively”.  (Submitted by Webitube) 

Engadget explores  Corning’s anti-microbial Gorilla Glass that inhibits algae, mold, mildew and fungi as well as bacteria. The glass uses an ionic silver coating for the germ-killing, but claims it’s intrinsic to the surface meaning it will last for the lifetime of the device.  (Submitted by tsluss07).

More CES links from the show: 

First LG Smart TV running WebOS goes public at CES:

Google unveils the Open Automotive Alliance to in collaboration with Audi, GM, Honda, Hynudai and Nvidia:,2817,2429123,00.asp

Wearables at CES include LG’s Lifeband fitness tracker:

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveils the 192-core Tegra K1 mobile processor for Android devices at CES:

DTNS 2141 – Reupload: Quanto smash!

DTNS logo by Sam SmithThis is a reupload of Friday’s episode for some users of iTunes having problems with that ep. If you already have 2141 you can delete this. My apologies for the inconvenience – Tom

Darren Kitchen of Hak5 joins me to talk about Quantum Computers and free Harvard coding classes, while Len Peralta illustrates the show and introduces us to Quanto!


DTNS 2141: Quanto smash!

DTNS logo by Sam SmithDarren Kitchen of Hak5 joins me to talk about Quantum Computers and free Harvard coding classes, while Len Peralta illustrates the show and introduces us to Quanto!

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Show Notes

NSA seeks to build quantum computer that could crack most types of encryption:  The Washington Post reports the NSA is building a “crypto logically useful computer” according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The $79.7 million research program is named “Penetrating Hard Targets”. Quantum Computers have been demonstrated by labs in the EU and Switzerland and a company called D-Wave. Quantum computers are actually slower than classical computers at most tasks but can perform certain functions like factoring prime numbers more efficiently.

Further reading on Quantum Computing (from Darren)

CES: Wearables, 4k video & tablets: A quick search on Google News for the terms ‘CES expect’ reveals 13,000 results that indicate wearable, 4k video & tablets will be the big trend. Now you don’t have to go.

News From You: 

Engadget reports that Fox will continue the tradition of streaming the US Super Bowl football game for free online. Fox will also stream its playoff coverage but that will only be available to certain cable subscribers. CBS, the network that streamed the Super Bowl for free last year, will be streaming all of its playoff coverage online for free. (Submitted by flyingspatula)

EDX, a Massively Open Online Course, or MOOC provider, will offer Harvard’s Introduction to Computer Science course online absolutely free with no prerequisites. Languages covered include C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and HTML.  (Submitted by Skyjedi)

According to GigaOm, YouTube will not only show off 4K Streaming at CES but will do it with their own royalty-free VP9 codec. Google’s been trying to push the codec since it acquired it back in the VP8 days. This time they have 19 hardware partners on board to help the push, including big companies like Sony, Intel, Samsung, Broadcom and Marvell among others.  (Submitted by spsheridan) 

More links from the show:  

BlackBerry wants Seacrest OUT — of the physical keyboard business:

T-Mobile CEO calls AT&T’s latest promotion a “desperate move”:

CES: What Acer is bringing to Las Vegas:!rgamg

Twitter launches Vine for the Web:!rfUCF

Snapchat will let users opt out of its Find Friends feature:

DTNS 2140: My car has lasers

DTNSTim Stevens joins me to talk about the tech news of the day, Ford’s solar car, and auto expectations at CES.

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Show Notes:

Laser Solar Car of the Future? BBC News reports that at CES, Ford will show off a new concept version of it’s C-Max hybrid that uses solar panels on the roof to supplement charging. A lens on the roof tracks the sun and concentrates rays on the solar cells to maximize collection.

Plea Bargain: The New York Times editorial board has asked the US government to consider a plea bargain for leaker Edward Snowden.

News From You:

According to Business Insider, Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas is now taking Bitcoins for his campaign fund against Texas Senator John Cornyn. (Submitted by jjd241)

BBC News reports that the YS FAA has announced six states will host sites for testing commercial drones. Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia will host the tests for developing safety regulations. (Submitted by KAPT_Kipper)

More links from the show: 

Skype hacked:

Snapchat, too:

Nest Labs valued at 2 billion after $150 million funding round:

CES: LG to unveil smart TV powered by WebOS:

Dark Wallet, brought to you by the creator of the 3D gun:

Chinese phone maker Xiaomi doubled smartphone sales in 2013