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What Happened to the DTNS Video podcast?

The DTNS video feed is not actually run by us, it’s been maintained by a volunteer fan Shawn Wei for it’s entire life which has been most fo the time since we launched in 2014. In all that time Shawn has done an amazing job keeping the feed up and running.

Tuesday we noticed that the feed was not updating and I mentioned it to Shawn on Twitter who promised to look into it. I followed up with him in an email yesterday. Shawn has a day job that was keeping him from getting right on it but he said it was an error in the script that creates the feed and he would get it fixed.

Our apologies for those of you who rely on this feed for the video version of the podcast. I’ve contacted Shawn again this morning and raised the idea of transferring the feed over to us so we can help fix things like this.

Shawn has been amazing and it’s to his credit that most of you haven’t even noticed this was a fan-run feed for so many years.

Apologies again for the disruption.


An update on Daily Tech Headlines for Amazon Echo – Still Down

Last weekend we changed servers for the script that feeds Daily Tech Headlines to the Amazon Echo. Alex, who wrote the script made the appropriate changes and Dan who runs the server signed off.

However Amazon returned an error saying the feed was not current. As anyone who subscribes to the podcast knows, there is current content, so somehow it wasn’t getting to the new script.

Alexa and Dan found a couple things they thought it might be and tweaked them then resubmitted. Alex even tested the feed to see if it worked and it did on Amazon’s Echo simulator. But we got the same error. By this time it was Wednesday so Thursday Alex submitted a ticket with Amazon asking for them to review and tell us what they saw as wrong since everything looked OK on our end. I also emailed my contact on the Echo team who helped us get set up in the first place.

We have not yet heard back from Amazon. As soon as we do we hope we can figure it out and get Daily Tech Headlines working again. Our deepest apologies for the disruption.


So Long and Thanks for all the Aussie Perspective!

I’m sad to say Day 6 hosted by Peter Wells will no longer be part of the DTNS feed. Peter did a fantastic job delivering an Australian perspective on tech and interacting with our community in a positive way. Thanks for putting up with our American inquisitiveness Pete!

We’ll miss his expertise and enjoyable hosting style and wish him well. And by all means we’ll be having him back on the show as often as we can. Here’s to more Peter Wells in the future!

Tom Merritt

WWDC Live Coverage

We’re not streaming coverage of WWDC, though Scott Johnson and Patrick Beja will be streaming while covering Microsoft’s E3 announcement and squeezing in some WWDC observations when they can.

Here on the blog we’re using Public, a new service for live conversations to make notes and comments as the announcement goes along. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

If the below embed isn’t working for you CLICK HERE.

DTNS Q2 2016 Hangout!

Tom talks with Jennie Josephson, Roger Chang, Scott Johnson and Darren Kitchen about the future of tech reporting, what they would tell their 11-year-old selves and why Tom hasn’t been to Disneyland.

Plus the scoop on the new Daily Tech Headlines show and more upcoming DTNS events.

New DTNS Goals for 2015

On Friday’s show I announced that Scott Johnson and Veronica Belmont would be the next two regular weekly contributors we’d like to add to the show. If our Patreon hist the next level, we can make that happen for sure! So if you can spare a dollar. That’s 5 cents a show. Go kick in at

That will get us within striking distance for an official video version of the show!

What do these contributors mean? No more guests?
No. It doesn’t mean that. It means we’ll have reliable regular guests who know how the show works and have a good flow.

It also means we have more flexibility to get guests who are experts on a particular story or aspect of a story. We’ve had a few reporters who like being on to talk about a thing they’re covering, but don’t really feel comfortable hanging out for the whole show. This gives us the ability to have them on more often.

In any case, we hope you’re excited and can help us bring Scott and Veronica on board!