Dance Dance Restitution – DTNS 3425

A New York Times investigation shows how otherwise innocuous location data and tracking can be used to uncover a user’s identity.

Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, and Roger Chang

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One thought on “Dance Dance Restitution – DTNS 3425”

  1. I was a little disappointed when you said in the Milly Rock story that Milly just wants to get paid (not a verbatim quote and I know malice was not intended in what you said) . I have been following this for a while and Milly and other black creators have been mulling over this for a while and they are more upset at the lack of respect (this is historical for black creators especially in the digital age, black twitter can tell you all about it) than anything else. The instances you mentioned of Beyonce and others using his dance also neglected to mention that they reached out to him before hand. It would have also been noteworthy to discuss the legal argument they are making which will focus on Epic’s creative process, particularly the act of using copyrighted music videos to create the animations they use for the in-game emotes. They are alleging that the animators are tracing over copyrighted images in the videos to create the emotes, tricky legal waters but rather interesting and I would love to hear the legal geek’s take on it.


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